Easy Kindle Sock Pattern

My earliest memory of reading involved sitting on my father’s lap when he had the Sunday paper.  He would read the headlines out loud, passing the skill on to me, while I impatiently waited for the responsibility of the cartoon pages.

One of the happiest days in my life was the day my parents gave me permission to ride the bus by myself.  This precious freedom meant I could finally trek to the only public library in town.  At 10 I discovered CS Lewis, that gateway drug into fantasy. I frolicked with hobbits in the Shire, I broke rules with the students of Mallory Towers.  I rode dragons and fought off pirates at sea. Thus a lifelong adventure in reading was ignited.

Naturally I became interested in the telling of the story, became a dabbler of bad poetry that has never seen the light of days, to award winning essays, to plays staged in university and finally to (kinda) dipping my toes into the fiction pool…let’s save that for another post.

You can find “excellent” examples of my micropoetry on twitter, just give me a glance @flickerfiction

Suffice it to say that I LOVE reading and so buying a kindle was a good investment.  To protect my precious,  I knit the following sock.

Kindle Sock

Kindle Sock


Red Heart Boutique Treasure purchased on sale at AC Moore

Needles size 10

One marker


K – Knit.

K(number) – Knit number of stitches shown

P – Purl

P (number) – purl number of stitches shown

M1 – Make a stitch by picking up the bar between stitches

2 x 2 rib – Knit 2, Purl 2 for as long as pattern calls for


Using Judy’s Magic Cast-On cast on 48 stitches in preparation of knitting on the round.  I’m too lazy to knit a gauge but if you are so inclined the better your sock will fit.

Place a marker and Knit one round – 48 Stitches

K1, M1, K46, M1, K1 – 50 Stitches.

Knit 2 rounds – 50 Stitches.

K1, M1, K48, M1, K1 – 52 Stitches.

Knit until pouch measures 6 inches – 52 Stitches

Start 2 x 2 rib – K2, P2 for 6 rows – 52 Stitches.

Bind off 26 stitches.

Continue knitting the flap for 4 inches – 26 Stitches.

Bind off remaining stitches.  Voila! you are now the proud owner of a one-of-a-kind art-piece that will protect your precious ebook-reader.

For an even easier project, you can simply knit a rectangle, adjusting for width and length until the knitting covers the ebook reader when doubled up. Bind off once desired length is reached and whip stitch two sides, leaving an opening for easy access.




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