An Evening with Hugh Howey’s Wool

Back a few months ago, I was wandering the Intertubes when my index finger landed on a delightfully named tome – Wool Omnibus at a delightful pocket-friendly price. One-click later and I plunged head-first into a fully realized dystopian world, where an unnamed catastrophe has forced humans to live underground in silos.  In a few short paragraphs, Hugh Howey paints such a vivid picture of this self-contained universe, I had to glance up to reassure myself that the scene of the breeze-waving bushes outside my window was real. I’m the kind of reader who likes to be grabbed by prose in the first sentences of a narrative and boy did this one set the tone. ****SPOILERS****

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Savannah Chronicles One – Hare’s Bad Day (pssst….its free!)

My latest eBook “Hare’s Bad Day” is published at as the first of many adventures of the residents of the state of Savannah.  This particular tale is a retelling of a story told to me by my beloved grandma.  In her version, Hare has a rude, obnoxious and greedy room mate who never does any housework and always eats up all the food.  Until Hare reaches his breaking point and boils up a particular hot rock to serve to his unsuspecting “friend”.

Checkout my interpretation and did I mention its free!  As always, your feedback is welcome and appreciated.

Grandma Strikes Again!

In the following adaptation of my soon to be published eBook “Hare’s Bad Day”, whom we find in a very spicy situation.  I remember the original tale involving a greedy lion and a very hot rock that made me giggle and shudder whenever my grandmother told us the story.  I’m just finishing up the editing now in what will become a series of soap-operish tales adapted from various traditional African stories.

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“The Student Bride” is published

Despite a minor setback, (thank you Ms. Irene) my next eBook is up at and for a limited time, you can read the riveting tale of a girl fighting against tradition in colonial Kenya for only $0.99.  At checkout use coupon WQ23Y to get the discount.

Mwikali Kilonzo is a girl caught in the middle of a culture clash.  On the one hand, she excels in the western education introduced by British missionaries and on the other, by traditional standards she has reached marriageable age.  She is determined to continue with her schooling, but only if she can find away to ward off a particularly insistent suitor and convince her family to let her follow her dreams.

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